Lightning-fast conversion of popular image formats into lightweight PDF documents

( is by far the most popular and universal means of electronic document exchange. PDF files are relatively compact and are supported on the majority of platforms and operating systems. If you often need to convert large numbers of image files into PDF, you need a special tool for that will help you minimize your efforts. And if you are also looking for speed, you should definitely check out JPG to PDF Converter!

JPG to PDF Converter is an ultra-fast converter of images to the PDF format supporting the majority of modern graphic formats, including GIF, BMP, TIF, PNG, JPG, ICO and PSD. Tests show that JPG to PDF Converter is up to 92% faster than its competitors, which means that you can do almost twice as much in the same period of time - and this speed factor does count when it comes to converting dozens or hundreds of documents.

You can control the compression ratio of your PDF files for optimal quality/size balance and specify such PDF file properties as title, creation date, subject and keywords. JPG to PDF Converter has a simple interface that will take seconds to get used to and will allow even novices to efficiently create lightweight PDF documents from multiple image files.

If you need to quickly convert regular images in a variety of formats into compact PDF files , JPG to PDF Converter will provide everything you will possibly need to that!

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