Earn by affiliation of JPG to PDF converter software

JPG to PDF converter is a windows utility which helps in conversion of images form various formats to a single PDF file.It offers great quality of conversion from JPG to PDF format. Its applications are wide and the feature of compression offered by the software helps in easy sharing. The software is very userfriendly and offers lightning fast conversion services. Thus, this software offers many advantages. There is an option offered by this software company to earn by affiliating with the company. This article speaks about the procedure involved to make earning by affiliating this software.

The JPG to PDF converter software is a famous softwarewhich offers many utilities. The software is available on the internet for sale through a network called Avagate Affiliate network. By affiliation with the company, you can ean up to 75% of the commission on each sale of software. You can post the product information and the 'Buy Now' links on your website to start the sales. Before the affiliation of the products, you need to sign up to the Avagate Affiliate network.

In the sign up application form, a few personal, contract and legal data is enquired. A list of the terms and conditions are mentioned in the form. After acknoledging the terms and conditions throughly, you can register to be a member of the Avagate Affiliate network. A unique Affiliate ID would be given to have a record of your sales for commission.

The Affiliate commission is guaranteed and systematic in nature. When a visitor who visits the JPG to PDF convertor software website from the banner posted on your site, a record of this is mainted by the Affiliate network for a peroid of 12 calender days. The orders then which are placed by the users who have entered the website would ensure commission. The commission earned on a monthly basis is trasferred to the account or through a PayPal transfer.

The process of earning through affiliation with the JPG to PDF convertor Software Company is a simple process. When a customer has bought the software through the newsletter or brochure on your website, the Affiliate network takes the responsibility to take the order, deliver the goods and the customer support is also handled by them. Thus, there are no hassles of billing, storage of information and it does not include any start up cost too. This is hence a smart way of making money online.

The working with affiliation is governed by certain rules of the company policy. The company policy states that the software products should not be published on sale by changing names and the permisison of the affiliate company is required for the same. These affiliate products should be not be sold on auction websites such as Ebay. The rights with respect to affiliation are completely reserved with the company and hence the affiliates should act according to the instructions.

Thus, Avangate offers a safe platform for online purchasing and you can use the business opportunity offered by the affiliate company to make smart money.